How to choose and buy carton machinery and equipment? Long Feng has a good idea

How to choose and buy carton machinery and equipment? Jiufeng has a good opinion

When it comes to the purchase of machinery and equipment for cartons, it is quite frustrating for everyone. After all, it accounts for a large proportion of the fixed fixed project investment in the carton packaging plant. Together, it will harm the production capacity, high efficiency, and application frequency for a long time, which is the second difficult point in addition to assets and customers.

In terms of equipment purchase and equipment, we should persevere: the first is available, the fifth is expandable, the second is price, and the fourth is after-sales service.


All the bosses who start a factory and run a company are prepared and have their own requirements. The purpose of the factory is to create wealth for customers and create value for themselves. The first thing that people think of is to invest a small amount of money, but there is no way to make profits in processing companies. Nowadays, the cost of labor is more expensive every day, and the cost of raw materials is more than enough. When purchasing carton machinery and equipment, early research must be carried out. The goal is only one, so that the purchased carton equipment can give full play to the big effect.


After buying the carton equipment and installing it, is everything going well? No, if you have to open the factory every day, I also have to think about the next stage of the processing plant where to go?

Scalability is a difficult problem at this stage, because after the early uphill running-in, the business process has been gradually carried out, and different specifications and specifications of cartons have come. This is not only the technical training of the staff, but also the maintainability of the carton equipment. At this time, if the machinery and equipment can not guarantee such practical effects, specifications, specifications, regulations, etc, I also have to hand over customers to my colleagues, or if you find a factory for production and processing, the machinery and equipment of your own processing factory are not fully utilized, which is a huge luxury waste.


When buying goods, it must involve the price. This is what everyone has to deal with. That is, if more than one carton equipment is being made, the price is really different, and the quality is different, isn't it? With the same quality and characteristics, we may not be willing to spend a dime more on expensive products. What is the cost-effective situation?

It has to be admitted that the machinery and equipment are dominated by steel, and the international steel price is continuously rising at this stage. Some of China's steel is imported iron ore, self-refining, and some is imported immediately. This decision determines a large part of the cost of equipment, which is another factor of the price of machinery and equipment. The salesperson of the machinery and equipment manufacturer opened his mouth and said that the steel price has risen, and the equipment is expensive, Now let's find out why they talked about it.

The fifth factor that harms the price of machinery and equipment is the technological content of the equipment. At this stage, the carton equipment is full of flowers. In the Pearl River Delta, there are many carton companies in the Yangtze River Delta, and nature has created a complete set of machinery and equipment industry chain near them. I see you produce four-color printing machines, because I issue four-color printing machines, you plagiarize me, and I steal your skills. That way, the similarity of the equipment is very high, Many small processing plants do not attach importance to the research and development of technical products and only steal the technical products made by others. After all, the cost of product research and development is very high. The large factories continue to research and develop products and improve continuously. When the small processing plants steal similar products, their new mobile phones come out again, and the distance between them and the small processing plants is drawn. There are only a few large factories, and there are many small processing plants. Small processing plant A is stolen, and small processing plant B is stolen, At the same time, small processing plants will carry out price competition, and they will fight for price. The price of large factories is usually not available, and the price of small processing plants can be talked about a lot. This is the reason of technological content.

The second factor that jeopardizes the price of machinery and equipment is spare parts. As mentioned earlier, stainless steel plate is a key part. Now, the mood is to talk about every component of the equipment. Every component of different materials is made by many enterprises. The same one ink roller, some of which are more than ten thousand, some of which are only two thousand. This also jeopardizes the price of equipment. Factory A's spare parts are imported or manufactured by a large factory. The wholesale price of bare metal machines is unknown; Most of the spare parts of Factory B are produced by unknown and technically unqualified companies in China. The price of bare metal machines is unknown. This is Xiaoluo's unprecedented proposal for purchasing equipment: spare parts of equipment.

It can be said that the prices of all kinds of goods are constrained by several factors mentioned above. There is a saying in the line: if you choose the wrong one, there is no wrong one to sell, and the manufacturer has several accounts in his own pocket, so it is impossible to make a loss-making transaction. Can you be more clear about the cost of equipment than the manufacturer?

After-sales maintenance service:

Because mechanical equipment is not a one-time item, nature involves after-sales service. Nowadays, many people say that buying goods means buying after-sales service, which is not all right, but also a few points of truth.

Since the equipment is made by people, it is inevitable that there will be a "backache", "fatigue", "fever and cold", "internal mechanism atrophy", "excessive damage" and other difficult diseases, which are not to be seen. That is to say, it has already occurred, so you have to repair it. The large factory, because of its solid technology, sent many teachers to come back and directly attack the disease and get rid of it.

Small processing plants or second-hand machines are not so satisfactory. Because there are many technical safety hazards hidden in the design and production of the equipment, there is a difficult problem. Maybe it is where, or the butterfly effect, or the bare machine reimbursement. It is all possible. Take a look here and there. Once you touch it, you can find out the reason, repair it, and even pay for it.

The maintenance of the equipment immediately jeopardizes the progress of production and manufacturing. Sometimes, it takes two or three days to repair the problem. If the manufacturer has every such machine, the production and manufacturing will be forced to stop for a few days. Time is life, that is, profit, that is, wealth. We can see the necessity of after-sales service for production and manufacturing.

Therefore, when purchasing machinery and equipment, the manufacturer's technical energy and after-sales service are a level that must be taken into consideration. Without good after-sales service, the equipment will have to be put there and the equipment maintenance staff will be found outside. Not only will the charging standard be high, but the repaired area will also "cause trouble all day long", causing minor losses. Only everyone has to face a difficult problem. Large factories have a one-year warranty, parts are not guaranteed, and small processing plants are the same. Both hands have a one-year warranty, and both are half a year.


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