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Product name

D-Star - Feeding Unit

D-Star-Feeding Unit
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Product description

* Lead edge gear box feeding system to increase feeding accuracy and stability.With non-crush feeding system to avoid board caliper lost(This point is our patent).

*  Continuous or skip feeding is provided with counter.

*  With vacuum transfer system.

*  Frequency drive control for vacuum suction and pressure can be adjusted to match different size of corrugated board.

 * Attached with dust blower and brush to clean the dust from the board for better printing quality.

*  PLC automatic control of feeding side stoppers.

*  Fully PLC and motorized control of backstop forward/backward position to save setting time. Operator just need to input L*W*H of the carton, automatically side stoppers and backstop forward/backwards action is taking place(This point is our patent).

*  Main motor will not start if units are not fully closed.

* 999 orders can be saved. With industrial A/C for feeding cabinet for frequency drive.

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